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A spray-painted plywood panell reads "Just Love!" Next to this says "Black Lives Matter" Someone has come in an attempted to write "ALL" over "Black". In addition, this board includes a read heart and inside the heart reads "Justice for JACOB" in…

Paintings of two Wisconsin team jerseys on plyboard. The right painting shows a Milwaukee Bucks (basketball) jersey with the words "BLM" and "Fear the Deer" (the team's slogan). The right jersey shows a Green Bay Packers jersey.

Street Art of a large Black Fist surrounded by numerous hashtags, including BLM, FAITH, SALAM, HOPE, PEACE, UNITY, LOVE, and JUSTICE.

A spray-painted plyboard reads "BLM" and painted inside a stop-sign shape reads "STOP KILLING US".

Written in black sharpie on plywood: "BLACK trans woman disabled intersex LIVES MATTER"

"NLBLM" spray painted in black on plywood covering a business window.

"BLM" spray painted in black on plywood covering a business window.

"F 12" written in blue spray paint surrounded by other related graffiti.

"Black Lives Matter" written in blue spray paint alongside other miscellaneous graffiti writing.
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