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A cardboard sign has been placed on a bus stop post. The sign has been painted black and in white lettering it reads "Reclaim A Sense of Place." A flower is painted in the center of the sign with the words "healing" and "community" painted on its…

Two panels, displayed side by side, share parallel content within different color schemes. The leftmost panel is painted with a wash of light turquoise. Bold black text, outlined in yellow, reads "Listen" in fully capitalized letters. Beneath the…

Three painted panels. Left to right: blue background with "listen" pattern. "I CAN'T BREATHE" in the center of the panel. Middle panel has a portrait of George Floyd with white eyes and a yellow background. Third panel has a blue background with "i…

Large, artistically lettered panel reading "RIOT is the language of unheard --MLK--" with red text reading "Listen."

A small BLM heart by @heartsny appears to the side.
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