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"Every Child Matters" is written in white in the middle of a yellow/orange dreamcatcher. On both sides of the dreamcatcher, there are two figures holding hands. Some of the figures wear feathers in their hair.

"Land Back" is spray-painted in red on the side of a building. Above it, "Whos Land?" is spray-painted in white.

"Land Back" is painted in red on the side of a building. "Whos Land?" is written above it in white. Other black graffiti is written on the wall.

Various text spray painted in black on a sidewalk including "," "earth first," "land back," and "fuck SPD."

The wall on the side of a building reads "Land Back" in bold red letters. It is surrounded by tags of other street artists who endorse the central phrase “Land Back”. The original advertising sign message “93.7 Country - Can I get a Hell Ya!” was…

A large hand is created using various pieces of rectangular material. The hand itself is brown and the palm is painted with white text reading "I'm Free." Additional black paint, it is unknown if it was painted by the artist, reads "not" changing the…
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