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Two "BLM"'s, one a quick blue tag and the other a more intricate throw-up. The larger BLM was painted in a box of tape to create sharp lines around the border. It is signed either "AC" or "QC" in the lower left corner.

"Fuck 12" writen in black spray paint. Bright light blue spray paint has been used to scribble over "Fuck" and write "BLM."

Twelve black panels. The first reads "Burn Something A public art exhibition presented by the Emerging Curators Institute" followed by large blocks of text. The second panel is a print of a drawing of naked women in a room, followed by "Genevieve…

A mural featuring two children with the phrase "Can't Forget the Kids" between them. A collection of colorful rainbow triangles completely covers the plywood boards.

Painted for the organization Can't Forget the Kids.

A statement from the…

Justice is written in four different languages in colorful letters. The four languages that Justice is written in, in order, are English, Spanish, Hindi, and Somali.

Mural full of community messages. Some of the messages include "God Love You," "Hope," "Love," and "Community Unity." Each of the messages are written in different colors.

Plywood boards painted with messages of community and unity as well as four boards with messages written by the public in chalk.

Community mural in the process of being painted.

A mural of Daunte Wright's name on plywood boards on Lake Street near George Floyd Square.

A large 6 part plywood mural has been painted white. "Disconnect" has been painted in bubble letters on the left 3 panels. Surrounding this lettering, various symbols appear such as a TV with the word "lies" painted in the center, a needle, a virus…
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