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Black and red text, "Family Inside," "Black Lives Matter," a peace sign, "We Want Cops In Cuffs," "People Live Here," "Kids Live Here," and "Don't Burn, We Live Here."

Black spray-painted text on plywood covered windows. Text reads, "Kids Live Here."

Pink, green, and blue text on plywood-covered windows reading, "Kids here, don't burn."

Black, pink, and blue text on plywood-covered windows reading, "Kids live here, Don't burn."

Sign on door reading, "This is our home. Mothers to be! We stand with you." Another sign reads, "Justice for all," with a red heart. Signs on the windows of the building read, "Peace Be With Us, We Love you!" and "We Stand With You! Kids Live Here!"…

Messages on plywood-covered storefront windows. Examples include, "Kids Live Upstairs," "Don't Burn," and "Fuck 12."
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