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Black and red text, "Family Inside," "Black Lives Matter," a peace sign, "We Want Cops In Cuffs," "People Live Here," "Kids Live Here," and "Don't Burn, We Live Here."

Sign on door reading, "This is our home. Mothers to be! We stand with you." Another sign reads, "Justice for all," with a red heart. Signs on the windows of the building read, "Peace Be With Us, We Love you!" and "We Stand With You! Kids Live Here!"…

Black spray-painted text on plywood covered windows. Text reads, "Kids Live Here."

Black, pink, and blue text on plywood-covered windows reading, "Kids live here, Don't burn."

Pink, green, and blue text on plywood-covered windows reading, "Kids here, don't burn."

Messages on plywood-covered storefront windows. Examples include, "Kids Live Upstairs," "Don't Burn," and "Fuck 12."
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