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Justice 4 George Floyd in large, purple bubble letters against a background of flowers.

Five boards each with unique text. From left to right they read, "Black Lives Matter", "Justice for George Floyd", "love" written inside of a heart, "Rondo Frogtown Home", "Emergency Need Arts."

The panel around the left corner reads "Stop Killing Black people" in red spray paint. The main image features a bloody Black Power fist with a white banner above that reads "Black Lives Matter". One either side of the first are "#Justice for George…

Part of the phrase, "Justice for George" is painted over with a more stylized "justice".

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 11.47.45 AM.png
A series of panels reading "Justice for George," "Extend a Hand," and "We Must Become the Leaders We are Looking For" along with decorative elements including flowers, a mountain scene, and the Earth.

A series of plywood panels filled with many bright-colored hearts. The text reads "more love not less," "Justice for George," "minority Owned," and "Local Business."

"Justice 4 George Floyd" written in black and outlined in red, overlaid on a grid.

"Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George" in purple on wood boards. A crossed out tag is between them.

Urban Jungle’s boarded up storefront with graffiti reading "I can't breathe," "Keep the Peace," "Spread the Love," and "Stop Looting," along with portraits of Floyd in the form of posters.
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