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A mural made from painted plywood covering the front entrance of Gordon Parks High School. The mural is 5 panels long. Five blue George Floyd portraits are painted large and in the middle of each white panel. These portraits are the focal point.…

Exterior shot of Brandon's Pub storefront. The windows and doors have been boarded up with plywood. "Justice for George" is written in red paint on the plywood covering the front door.

This is a photo of the exterior building of Cafe Lilla. The windows have been boarded up with plywood. "Justice for George Floyd" is written on the North side. "Black Lives Matter" is written on the West (street facing) storefront not pictured, "No…

Spray-painted "Justice for George", "BLM STAY STRONG" and "Peace" on plywood-covered storefront windows.

Cocina Latina_3764 Nicollet_55409_1.jpg
Cocina Latina Restaurant is covered in plywood boards, with several spray painted words and phrases throughout. These include "BLM," "No Justice No Peace," "We Are One," and "Justice for George."

The marquee sign from COOK restaurant in east side St. Paul with "Justice for George."

A play on the iconic image from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989), Radio Raheem with outstretched brass knuckles reading LOVE & MPLS. Additional text reads #Justice for George Floyd.

Mural with a red background. A Black man shows off "Love" and "MPLS" brass knuckles to the viewer. White text reads "Do The Right Thing" and "#Justice For George Floyd."
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