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Justice 4 George Floyd in large, purple bubble letters against a background of flowers.

Godollei JFGF 2020.JPG
A letterpress printed poster on paper. The text reads "Justice for George Floyd." There are 2 small images of an open eye and a hand holding the scales of justice flanking the word "for." A border of orange stylized flames/upraised hands runs across…

A mural made from painted plywood covering the front entrance of Gordon Parks High School. The mural is 5 panels long. Five blue George Floyd portraits are painted large and in the middle of each white panel. These portraits are the focal point.…

Sydney Petersen Norah Ntagungira GF.JPG
A painted mural on plywood with image of George Floyd. The text reads "Show up with: Your Body, Your Voice, Your Time, Your Money, Your Community, Your Mind. Justice for George Floyd." The mural has a white background and the head of George Floyd is…

A play on the iconic image from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989), Radio Raheem with outstretched brass knuckles reading LOVE & MPLS. Additional text reads #Justice for George Floyd.

Mural with a red background. A Black man shows off "Love" and "MPLS" brass knuckles to the viewer. White text reads "Do The Right Thing" and "#Justice For George Floyd."

Painted on plywood panels covering a window, colorful flowers with text reading "Justice for George Floyd" and "LISTEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR"

A number of images and texts covering plywood on three sides of the building. Flowers, birds, trees, and more images from the natural world with text reading "I don't know how to explain to my child what happened to Mr. George." "Justice for George…

3-D block letters reading "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE." The letter "o" is a peace symbol. Smaller text to the sides reads "#ICAN'TBREATHE" and "#BLM."
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