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Originally, the message "Rest in Paradise George" was spray-painted in green on pieces of plywood. The plywood was buffed and new messages appeared. Some of these messages include #paintourpeace, Unity, Love, Community, etc. Green, yellow, black, and…

my name.PNG
A mural composed of "Hello My Name Is" stickers that have the names of Black individuals killed in police brutality. Some of the names listed are George, Philando, Eric, Quan, Tamir, etc. Other names tags are partially concealed.

To the right of the mural, a phoenix is depicted rising out of the ashes of a burning city, with a broken heart and "George Floyd" written on its wings. In the sky, there are red, yellow, and orange flowers floating around. On the left side of the…

Justice is written in four different languages in colorful letters. The four languages that Justice is written in, in order, are English, Spanish, Hindi, and Somali.

A mural surrounding a heart containing the words "Know Justice Know Peace". The mural contains the phrase Say Their Names and the black power fist. Painted on a boarded up shop front in Los Angeles, California

SLA 1 Image 6.jpg
This mural in Nairobi consists of a portrait of George Floyd and the word "Haki" in graffiti, which means justice.

A large papier mache skull with large teeth, wearing a blue Minneapolis Police Department hat. The skull is mounted on two bicycles, which are parked on the street corner. An accompanying cardboard sign reads 'Don't mess w/Officer Friendly.'

This is a stenciled portrait of George Floyd with the name "Floyd" as it appeared on a shed at a public park, Bottineau Field Park, Minneapolis, MN. Identical stenciled images came up in other places in the neighborhood, such as the building of the…

Wendy_s Remains.jpg
Brick wall of destroyed Wendy's restaurant covered with graffiti in multiple colors. Anti-cop sentiments such as "Fuck 12" dominate, along with what is presumably meant to be a peace sign.

Post Office on Minnehaha.jpg
"Fuck 12!" and "Re-build" graffiti on the destroyed USPS Minnehaha Station.
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