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A sign on A Better Bail Bond Company reading 8:46 | In Memory of George Floyd

Multiple images of the memorial site dedicated to Philando Castile

Graffiti in black paint on plywood reading "A riot is the language of the unheard. MLK"

Multi-colored sketch of a dead pig/cop with text reading "All Copes Are Pigs" alongside "I can't breathe."

This mural seeking justice for Brenna Taylor was produced by an anonymous artist in Louisville, KY, July 2020, and placed near the entrance to the Speed Art Museum, Kentucky’s largest cultural arts organization. A sign reads "Mayor Fischer: Arrest…

Against a background of Black power fists, text reading "Matter is Minimum," followed by "Black lives are worthy!" "Black lives are beloved!" "Black lives are needed!" #BLM

Justice for Floyd on plywood wall in Santa Monica, CA

Close crop of a painted sign hanging from a fence. Sign has a colorful painting of a bird; two hand-cut speech bubbles have hand-cut letters saying “Durkan” x-ed out, to read “no Durkan” and also “Booooooo.”

Annotation 2020-08-24 092134.jpg
"DEFUND MPD NOW!" on a plywood-covered door.

Annotation 2020-08-24 091310.jpg
Orange graffiti on a brick wall reads "Being Black Is Not The Problem Being Latin Is Not The Problem."

"RIP Floyd" is drawn in bubble letters on a white panel to the left.
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