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A white crosswalk button sign reads "Fuck U Donny :)" in black.

A white poster board sign reads "Trump, cowering in his bunker, is an American DISGRACE *Black Lives Matter*."

A sign on a building near to Saint John's Episcopal Church reads "AFL-CIO Supports Black Lives Matter." AFL-CIO stands for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

A sign on the BLM Memorial Fence reads "Black AF" with a Black Power Fist.

A sign on the BLM Memorial Fence reads "Bay Area Victims." Underneath is a drawing of a bridge and four images of Black victims of police brutality. Next to the images are drawings of two cars.

The Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence with a variety of signs that are dedicated to Vanessa Guillen. Some of the signs read "Vanessa Guillen Is My Sister," "I Am Vanessa Guillen," and "Vanessa Guillen is Everyone's Daughter."

A sign written in markers reads "Black Lives Matter." Next to the words is a drawing of a person's head. Above the drawing "Me" is written.

A sign on a fence reads "Black Trans Lives Matter." The background of the sign has blue, white, and red stripes.

A sign reads "ampliFy black voices," "encoUrage blaCK role-models," "proTect black cHildren," "rEspect black oPinions," "exOnerate bLack prIsoners," and "save blaCk livEs." The individual capitalized letters on the sign spell out "Fuck The Police."

A piece of cloth on a fence depicts Donald Trump holding a voting ballot with the words "Voter Fraud" around him.
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