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Three works. Left to Right:

An in-progress side profile of a Black Man. The artist is in the midst of working on it.

A completed mural of two children wearing masks, in a garden. There is a city in the background with a large fountain. The…

Sun mural with text that so far reads, "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" in a repeated pattern.

Finished photo shows that the rays of the sun have the names of Black people killed by police, and the age they died.

Artist spraying a series of blue hearts next to an unfinished Black Power Fist and a yellow panel reading "ive" and "Qtter."

Large mural with "Floyd's" and "revolution on either side of a Black Power Fist. Background is yellow. Rocks around the perimeter.

White ribbon in the center of yellow and red background.

Panel with "Black Lives Matter," "ACAB," and other tags.

Mural of a cityscape with a large tree and stream in front of it.

Finished mural has "Every Tribe Tongue and Nation" at either end.

Brown outline of hands holding open a book. One hand and one page is filled in. The background is green.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 4.10.11 PM.png
A portrait of George Floyd set against a background of abstract patterns. Text reads "Justice."

Text reading Black Lives Matter against an abstract, stained glass patterned background.
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