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"IT'S BIGGER THAN HIP-HOP" Graffiti art on ply boarded windows.

Mural art depicting a Black woman, her body is a globe. The words 'BLACK LIVES ARE ESSENTIAL" are painted on the bottom. Graffiti has been added with anti-BLM/ hate speech.

"Rest in Peace George Floyde & Adam Coledo 8:46" mural near a residential area of Chicago. Graffiti has been added over the mural, by the original artist "#16 shots" and his signature, "FLASH ABC".

Sticker displaying a young Black person holding a sign that says 'DON'T NEED YOUR CHARITY I WANT EQUALITY".

Sticker designed as a collage. "HOPE ISN'T DEAD" is written across a person's face.

Sticker designed as a collage. "Silence Won't Bring Peace" with imagery of protests.

On the side of a building on the street of 3473 S. Archer Ave., stands an iconic cat in Asian culture with pink cherry blossoms behind it. Next to the cat are two gold koi fish. Beside this cat is the word "Harmony." Above the art, "#stopasianhate"…

Black Lives Matter is painted in various colors with stripes on the pavement. The stripes converge at the word "Lives."

Cullen Benson first proposed the idea on Facebook and collaborated with co-organizer Cortlyn Kelly and artist Franka Del Santo…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in various colors. The letters were outlined by Heart & Bone Signs and then painted by 18 different artists.

The mural is organized by Artists and Uptown United.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the pavement.

With help from their coaches and approval from the city, the players spent July 3 painting “Black Lives Matter” in large yellow letters onto Dodge Avenue in front of their school. The…
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