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A slogan written on the shutters of a supermarket reads "Make racists afraid again."

A solidarity banner displayed in Athens reads "I can't breathe in a world full of racism. From Athens to Minneapolis, fuck the police."

A stencil at an entrance to the National Gardens of Athens reads "Nobody can breath[e] under a knee." The stencil was produced on the side of a large BLM/George Floyd solidarity demonstration in Athens on June 3.

A solidarity banner displayed in the politically left-leaning neighborhood of Exarcheia combines three slogans: "Make racists afraid again," "A riot is the language of the unheard (MLK)," "From the USA to Greece, solidarity in the streets." The…

A mural along a metro line in downtown Athens reads Black Lives Matter.

A black and white mural placed on the edge of Athens' Plateia Amerikis (America Square) shows a pictogram of a kneeling picture, captioned: "Take a knee, not a life."

A small scale Black Lives Matter poster appears attached to the facade of Prosfygika, a complex of old refugee settlements that operates as a squatted autonomous community.

The first response to news of George Floyd's murder in Athens was this slogan, written in the politically left-leaning neighborhood of Exarcheia: "Until all police states burn: Fight for George Floyd." It was painted over within two days of its…
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