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Graffiti on a post reading "BLM" and "Amplify Black Voices" with a heart.

A Black soldier sits in the center of this mural behind a grey wash, his gaze penetrating the viewer. He wears a camo helmet with text saying, “war is hell.” The mural is split into two different times, 1970 (on the left) and 2020 (on the right). Red…

Large, block, capital letters saying “Power to the People” dominate this mural. The letters of the word “people” also serve as a platform for four multi-racial figures to stand on, holding their right fist up in solidarity. The figures are wearing…

Three wise monkeys embodying the Japanese proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” are front and center in this mural. Each monkey expresses a single principle using an action as well as accompanying text. The monkeys are…

Wendy_s Remains.jpg
Brick wall of destroyed Wendy's restaurant covered with graffiti in multiple colors. Anti-cop sentiments such as "Fuck 12" dominate, along with what is presumably meant to be a peace sign.

Post Office on Minnehaha.jpg
"Fuck 12!" and "Re-build" graffiti on the destroyed USPS Minnehaha Station.

Hook and Ladder 3010 Minnehaha Ave S..jpg
Graffiti covering a plywood board at The Hook and Ladder Theater and Loung. "PRAY 4 U" dominates in large blue block letters, written over other text including "Cops Murdered," "George Floyd," "An eye for an eye," "FTP," and other anti-cop…

El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante East Lake Street Destroyed in fire.jpg
Graffiti at the destroyed site of El Nuevo Rodeo reading "2020 begins today," "BLM" and more.

ACAB painted in spray paint on a folding board.

Graffiti reading "Fuck 12" in spray paint on a jersey barrier.
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