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Fuck Racism.jpg
The composition of this piece includes a spray-painted skull figure in a bear suit with a speech bubble that says, “Fuck off: Patriotism, Nationalism, Homophobia, Sexism & Racism”. There are multiple tags that have been added to this piece and…

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.33.34 PM.png
"Floyd" in large letters, along with "In Memory of" and a portrait of George Floyd. Additional text provides the dates of Floyd's birth and death. Also included is text reading "No Nazis/No Cops!!!/1312"

White text on a black ground reading "In Memory of George Floyd 25.05.2020 Died of police violence at the age of 46."

A photorealistic portrait of George Floyd with large text reading "I Can't Breathe." Smaller text reads #GEORGEFLOYD/#ICAN'TBREATHE/#SAYHISNAME
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