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Signs outside the Chicago Ave. entrance of the George Floyd Memorial identifying the area as a sacred, holy, and healing space.

Surrounded by flowers and other tributes at George Floyd square, an acrostic poem appears using “Floyd.” The vertical letting of “Floyd” is orange outlined in yellow and the following text emerging from “Floyd” are yellow. Reading top to bottom the…

An informational sticker was placed on a city pole. The sticker reads "Community Watch Area. Trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community; protect your friends and neighbors from unified gang members and other suspicious…

"G Floyd" has been spray painted in blue on a sign post.

Another part of George Floyd_s Memorial @ 38th _ Chicago.jpg
A large portrait of George Floyd in black and white on a plywood panel, mounted on a metro transit stop. Here the panel has emerged as an impromptu memorial site with many offerings. This is located directly adjacent to the location where George…

Pictures of the offerings left where George Floyd was murdered, including flowers, candles, and stuffed animals.

The George Floyd Memorial in front of Cup Foods showing tributes, memorials, flowers, candles, artwork, and more.

Street Art 9.JPG
Images of George Floyd Square from February 2021, including a mural of George Floyd and many tributes in spray paint

20210227_144141 (2).jpg
A community information sign has been placed on a bus stop, which includes information about the site. Below this board sits a bench with "George Floyd Square" carved onto it.

In George Floyd Square, a Raised Metal Fist with offerings. One offering is a repurposed traffic sign reading "Love Us" in black spray paint.
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