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Plywood painted with a wash of white features a Black woman with a starry sky in her hair and eyes within the palms of her hands standing with arms outstretched to the sky. The words "Dream Big" spread between her hands, with "All Dreamers Welcome"…

Mural style street art of a timeline beginning with Slavery and ending with the death of George Floyd. The center of the timeline includes a quote, "Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it today".

Orange writing on the sidewalk reading "The Children Are the future...Teach them Well, And let them Lead the Way!" The punctuation of the exclamation point is a heart.

Mural on plywood boards showing a BLM fist with painted blue nails, the letters BLM, "Black Lives are 1. Important 2. Priceless 3. Precious 4. Valuable..." "Loading... Future Lawyer Teacher Therapist I.T." and a raised fist with a crown over it.
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