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Black Lives Matter is painted in red, green, and black paint on the pavement. Each of the letters is painted in red/green/black. These are the colors of the PanAfrican flag.

Black Lives Matter is painted on the pavement. Each of the letters depicts a different flag of a country protesting. Some of the flags depicted include the United States, Pan-African, Great Britain, Ghana, Jamaica, and Africa African.

Black Lives Matter is painted in various colors on the pavement. Each letter has a different pattern painted by a different artist.

Jujmo (B), John Gascot (L), Cam Parker (A), Catherine Weaver (C), Nuclear Sky (K)

Wayward Walls (L), Laura…

BLM03 (1).jpg
"Black Lives Matter Tallahassee" is painted on the street in a yellow box.

The mural was organized by Mayor John Dailey.

Black Lives Matter is painted in red, green, brown, blue, pink, and orange on the pavement.

Solidarity raised fist painted in the colors of the progressive pride flag in the middle of a street intersection.

The Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber has partnered with the Tampa Downtown Partnership to participate in the City of Tampa's "Art on the…

George Breonna Trayvon Ahmaud.jpg
A painted mural depicting portraits of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery. Each person has a halo around their heads and their images are intertwined with blue flowers.
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