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This piece is made from enamel paint that has been fired on to steel panels. It depicts the Sankofa bird with the flames of the phoenix surrounding it. Underneath the bird are blue flowers and black designs. Black stars are scattered throughout the…

Two murals on plywood boards. The plywood board on the door seems to be a partial view of a leafless tree. The left mural features a Black woman surrounded by swirling blue and purple colors. "Respect Black Women" is written next to her. The right…

A colorful, abstract mural. In the lower right-hand corner a little, black bomb with a fuse is meeting a lighter and open flame: the mural bursts into an explosion of color and shapes.

Spray-painted Minneapolis skyline with flames in the background. "Minneapolis United" in black bubble letters at the bottom.

"I'M HUMAN TOO" in black spray-paint on plywood.
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