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A homemade "Black Lives Matter" sign on display in someone's front yard in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The sign is made out of a pallet. "Black Lives Matter" is written in black ink, and the pallet is propped up against a tree in the front yard. A…

PC5 July.jpg
A stencil of Philando Castile with butterflies. Painted on pavement.

Multiple images of the memorial site dedicated to Philando Castile

A white tagboard sign located at the Philando Castile Memorial in Falcon Heights MN. It reads: "Call our MN businesses and ask them to demand (pressure) 3 more arrests, Thao, Lang, Kueng" "black lives matter" also written in smaller letters in upper…

A picture of a white sign with hand made rainbow bubble letters. The sign is nailed to a tree. The sign reads: "WE DEMAND JUSTICE for GEORGE."

A photo of a cardboard sign planted in a garden. The sign reads: "3 more arrests end police brutality" end, police, and brutality are larger and underlined for emphasis. There is also a red heart.
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