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A wall in front of the public restrooms at Lafayette Park in Washington D. C. The wall is covered with graffiti from top to bottom. The graffiti is evidently written by many different hands using different colors of spray paint (black, red, and…

A wall with graffiti in black and blue paint. The text reads "Cops Kill We Get Busy," "Fuck The Police," "All Cops Are Derek Chauvin," and "FU12."

Graffiti reading “Fuck 12” in red spray paint on the pavement of the parking lot outside the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation. The building is boarded up on the front and a large, black, iron fence surrounds the parking lot. This phrase as well…

Tags include: "Rest In Power," "George Floyd," "F12."

Large tags read "No Justice No Peace," ACAB F12," a Black Power fist, "George Floyd," a heart, and "Say His Name."
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