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The front entrance of Urban Jungle depicting a George Floyd “Rest in Power” portrait; “I can’t breathe” and Keep the peace” on plywood over the door; and Daunte Wright mural attributed to @SimoneAlexaArt.

The front entrance to Urban Jungle containing three separate works. These include graffiti reading “RIP Daunte Wright” (added recently); a colorful mural attributed to @tracejordanhenry; and “I can’t breathe” and “Keep the peace” on the front door.

daunte wright image.jpeg
Green and red text reading "Justice for Daunte Wright" on the pavement outside of Cup Foods.

A series of large black and white prints on panels located at Hook and Ladder Theater, adjacent to the 3rd police precinct in Minneapolis, which was abandoned and burned on May 28, 2020. The prints are a combination of text and images. All of the…

A mural of multiple hands enveloping Daunte Wright as he looks skyward. One arm is held aloft with an air freshener hanging from his finger. A halo of gold surrounds his head and a gold teardrop runs down his face. The words Beloved is written on the…

Messages of hope and inspiration pertaining to Black Lives Matter on the plywood boards of Van's Automotive in Brooklyn Center, just up the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. In an interview the owner shared that he and his wife…

Plywood reading "BLM" on one side and "RIP Daunte" on the other in black spray paint.

Chalk on a barricade wall outside of the courthouse where the trail of Derek Chauvin is being held at the time of this writing. Text reads "Justice for Duante Wright" and "You get your justice in your ASS, Derek! Stillwater here you come!"

A number of air fresheners hang on the chain link fence that surrounds the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Graffiti reading "Murderapolis" is written on the Jersey barrier visible in the background.

Images of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, documented one week after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by BCPD officer, Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. The police station is surrounded by chain link fence and razor…
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