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"End Racism Now!" is painted in various colors on the pavement. Each of the letters has a different design.

Located in the public library parking lot at the corner of Broad Street on the pavement between the public library and the Town Green.

Photo by Keith McDonald.jpg
"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in black and yellow. "Black" and "Matter" are painted in black, and "Lives" is painted in yellow. The first letters of each of the words have a design.

The mural was a collaboration among Black Lives…

Black Lives Matter is written on the pavement in a variety of colors. At the end of the phrase is a Black Power Fist.

The Town Hall Black Lives Matter mural project team is being led by Hartford artist Khaiim A.K.A Self Suffice and Stephen…

"Black Lives Matter" is in the process of being painted on the pavement.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in various colors on the pavement. Each of the letters are outlined in white.

Black Lives Matter is painted in red, yellow, and green on the pavement. In between the words "Black" and "Lives" there is a red heart.

The mural was organized by Sheree Baldwin-Muhammad and involved local artists, community members, local…

A black-and-white portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. deep in thought, brow furrowed. The background/foreground of the image is partially overlaid with the portrait and features stars and a graphic design of shades of gray, black, blue, and red. The…

A memorial tribute portrait of Civil Rights activist John Lewis, as he looked later in life, within a brick arch on a building. The portrait is vivid in its hyperrealism, with tones of blue and green alongside the black-and-white. The background is a…
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