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A portrait of George Floyd in black and white tones with expertly-lettered text reading "Justice 4 George." The image also includes the scales of justice and pink and white flowers, set against a blue background. The second panel reads "Community"…

Text and images across a store front reading "Together We Rise," "Paint for Peace!" "Love," "Hope," "George Floyd," and more. Imagery includes peace signs, flowers, and the sun.

A storefront with a variety of text and images. Text includes "George Floyd Matters" and "Resistance is Power" and "Community Medicine." Images include flowers and a butterfly.

A large yard sign reading "I CAN'T BREATH" with additional text reading "We Are a Community" and "Share your Thoughts." Many additional writers have added to this collaborative piece.

Part of a larger George Floyd Mural, with text reading “community.”

Multicolored mural on side of stucco building. Text reads, “Abolish Police” on left end and “Heal Invest/Uplift Our Community”on the right end.

Mural of a dog on a field with a large blue sky. Three dresses, moving with no wearer, are descending from the sky. The mural has a red painted border with white block text, "OUR HEARTS GO OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY." The artist's signature is in the lower…

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Markered text on a plywood-covered door. Reads "The General Store DAD -A community work space. Nothing Left To Steal Except Some La Croix. If You Are Thirsty, Call Me And I'll Get One. [Number redacted]."
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