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White background with red, yellow, and pink flowers. Black text "Stronger Together" is on top of the flowers in the center.

Three painted panels make up two works. The first two panels have a white background on the lower half, and black clouds on the upper half. On the bottom are four child-like figures holding up their fists and wearing black clothing with gold crowns.…

A mural, painted panel, and character on the same storefront. The mural has portraits of A Black boy, woman, girl, and man in the center, and two black and white portraits in the upper left corner. "BLM" and a Black Power Fist in the upper center.…

Painted orange hibiscus with a fist as the center. The background is green with ferns and a butterfly. "Black Lives Matter" is in the upper right corner.

Three works. Left to right: the first is a white dove on a black background. "We want Love, not hate! But We will not tolerate unjustice!"

The second has a diagonal black and yellow stripes as the background. A red Black Power fist is in the…

A Black woman in a white dress stretches out her arms, petals flying from her fingertips. Purple flowers cover green bushes at either side. The bottom panels have "Let Us Live. Let Us Breathe. Let Us Thrive."

This mural has a purple background. The top third of the mural is filled with forty faces of varying genders, skin colors, and clothing. The middle third is covered in handprints, hearts, and peace signs. The bottom is lined with upheld fists, hand…

A Black Power fist sits in front of a cloudy blue sky. A black banner with "Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance" in white text spreads across the mural.

Markered text on an electrical box reads "RIP George Floyd RIP Breanna Taylor RIP Ahmaud Arbery Rest In Power."

Two works. Left is a work made of painted panels, covered in rainbow colored clouds with white block text reading "I Stand With You" and "I see you I see your pain I hear you I LOVE YOU I will show up."

The work on the right, by Nicholas Schukay,…
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