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Chalk writing on pavement reading "Abolish Private Prisons" near the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Message written in chalk on a walking path: "Teach your kids about Daunte Wright. They are not too young." The chalk is faded and smudged.

The question "But what will you do when you leave here?" written in yellow chalk with an underline under "do."

Orange, red, and yellow cursive chalk words "black lives matter" by @chalkituptolife

The second photo provides a good idea for the scale of the piece.

Bubble letters in green, purple, light blue, and blue chalk reading "Know Justice" and below that "No Street."

This is a particularly meaningful phrase at George Floyd Square, where many residents have offered resistance to the city's plan to…

Chalk on a barricade wall outside of the courthouse where the trail of Derek Chauvin is being held at the time of this writing. Text reads "Justice for Duante Wright" and "You get your justice in your ASS, Derek! Stillwater here you come!"

Writing in chalk on a barricade outside of the Government Center in Minneapolis, documented one day after jury selection began. Even writing in chalk involved significant risk, as all such interventions on country property were banned at this time.…

A chalk drawing on pavement, surrounded by memorial flowers and other memorabilia in tribute to George Floyd. The chalk drawing is of a figure, face down on the concrete. Outlined in a neutral tone, the figure's form is established with blue chalk…

Chalk letters read "I vow to never watch the Police Kill you. on my life."

Three painted panels make up two works. The first two panels have a white background on the lower half, and black clouds on the upper half. On the bottom are four child-like figures holding up their fists and wearing black clothing with gold crowns.…
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