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A small cardboard sign reading "Black Lives Matter" in the window of El Norteño Mexican restaurant.

"Say His Name," "Justice for Floyd," and "Save Our City" are spray painted in black and pink on the plywood boards of the Bank of America storefront. An "Arrest All Four" cardboard sign is adhered to the plywood.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 6.00.00 PM.png
Series of black panels with white text.
1. Could we give the police department to the grandmothers?
2.Grandma wants your life to be sweeter. She is the original warrior. and loves you fiercely forever. Give the police department to the…

Cardboard sign with the Black Power Fist on the left. "I See You I Hear You I Care For You I Stand With You" around the fist. "Black Lives Matter" on the right side.

Mural at the B Bar and Grill on East 4th Street. Repurposed cardboard protest signs including: "Black Lives Matter", "Say Their Names", "8 Can't Wait", "Justice for George Floyd". Mural featuring warm colors (coral, burgundy, red, orange, yellow) and…

"FUND COMMUNITY RESOURCES" and "BLM" written repeatedly on a cardboard window covering.

"END STRUCTURAL RACISM" on a cardboard window covering.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" written on a cardboard window covering.
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