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Large ACAB graffiti on a bus shelter in black paint

The words "stay safe" are graffitied on a bus stop in black paint. Above this the words "Lives Matter" is visible. We can assume that this says, "Black Lives Matter" and has been obscured.

Graffiti and flyers on a bus stop at George Floyd Square. Weathered newspaper headlines that were pasted are on the right and BLM in black letters is covering older graffiti in white and red. A sticker can be seen as well. Finally, a poster reading…

The message "Indigenous Solidarity in Black Liberation" written on a bus stop bench near the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Graffiti on a bus stop near the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Imagery includes three upside-down crosses surrounding a pentagram. The opposite side of the bus stop shelter have "Fuck 12" and "ACAB" written on it.

Bus station pole across the street from Cup Foods reads "I've got you George I promise." Underneath in faded writing is "RIP George Black Lives Matter"
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