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Two peace signs and three hearts covering buffs and tags. Tags and messages include: "Where Is Justice," and "RIP George."

A simple drawing of a pig's face, symbolizing cops.

Purple painted text on plywood. Reads "Black Lives Matter!" and "Justice For George Floyd" with matching hearts. Small Octopus with plugs and Xs for eyes is above the second message. Between the two messages is "Joe W was here." The tag has been…

Black spray-painted text on plywood. Reads "Demilitarize the Police," and below is matching text reading, "BLM."

Two buffs are on the plywood. Papers reading "We Are Open." are taped to the plywood at the front entrance.

Cluster of texts on plywood. Image of George Floyd on paper. Inked "RIP GEORGE" above red stencil and spray-painted "ONLY JUSTICE CAN BRING PEACE" and freehand cursive "Power to the People." Two red stencils of the BLM fist are to the right. Beyond…

A black hand with pig face below it. The pig face looks like it has been either painted over with white or sprayed with solvent.

This is simple black graffiti: "No Justice/No Peace . . . ./"I CAN'T BREATHE!"/RIP George Floyd." It has been crossed out or perhaps has been sprayed with solvent.

Black tags on building and plywood. They include an anarchy symbol, "Make America Crippled Again," and "Our Community Matters!"
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