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People scrubbing spray-painted messages off the walls of a building. Black Lives Matter signs on plywood.

This is simple black graffiti: "No Justice/No Peace . . . ./"I CAN'T BREATHE!"/RIP George Floyd." It has been crossed out or perhaps has been sprayed with solvent.

Black tags on building and plywood. They include an anarchy symbol, "Make America Crippled Again," and "Our Community Matters!"

This photo shows a grey, metal utility box on the corner of a busy intersection. Black letters spell out the message: "Rest in Power George Floyd" Floyd is underlined 3 times.

The exterior of a Foot Locker chain store in St Paul. The building is blackened with fire damage. Graffiti on the plywood spells out: "Love Wins". To the left, another plywood piece looks like it had writing on it, but the words have been scribbled…

Plywood covering a window is marked with text reading "Your White Tears Will Find No Comfort Here," and, smaller, "RIP George." In a panel on the neighboring window, a Black woman behind a desk labeled Ms. Resist casually sips from a cup labeled…

Simple black graffiti reading "Stop Killing Us" painted on a pull-down door.
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