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"Big Floyd BLM 4Eva" has been painted on a wall in blue, yellow, white, and red. This mural exists on a wall on the back of SPD.

Painted on plywood panels with a black background, a stencil portrait of George Floyd with stylized plants, flowers, and urban landscape. Stenciled text above Floyd reads "Justice for Floyd Now." The letters MPLS are arranged vertically on the right…

"BIG FLOYD" in large white bubble letter. Other tags include: "Love," "RIP," "St Screwed Up Click!"

Throw up reading "Big George Floyd RIP." Pink, green, purple, and blue bubble background.

Located under the Lake/Hiawatha bridge, smaller text reading "big" with large bubble letters reading "Floyd."

Two throw-ups covering previous messages.
"BIG.." in black bubble letters with a white and red outline, and "FLOYD!" in red bubble letters with black shading and yellow accents. The words "Stand With You!" have been partially covered.

A brown…

Graffiti including "Revolution," "Big Floyd," and "No Justice No Peace" on the plywood boards on storefronts and the sidewalks of Chicago Ave.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 7.59.45 PM.png
Red and black text that reads, "Big Floyd BLM"

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 3.25.26 PM.png
Wild style names of various rappers including Biggie, Tupacs and Big Hawk.

Black painted text reading "Rest In Peace" with purple shading. Below it is blue and black spray-painted text, "Big Floyd." The background is black painted rays coming from the center.
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