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"Black Lives Matter!" is painted on the pavement. The letters are painted in red, black, and green stripes.

The mural was created by hundreds of volunteers and 17 different organizations who came together over a weekend.

Black Lives Matter is written on the pavement in a variety of colors. At the end of the phrase is a Black Power Fist.

The Town Hall Black Lives Matter mural project team is being led by Hartford artist Khaiim A.K.A Self Suffice and Stephen…

"All Black Lives Matter" is written in the median of Hollywood Blv. This sanctioned/city-led permanent mural is painted in smaller letters than the original, unsanctioned mural. "All Black Lives" is painted in blue, pink, white, yellow, purple, and…

"Black Trans Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in the middle of an intersection in San Francisco's Tenderloin Neighborhood. This is the first officially recognized transgender cultural district in the world. The letters are painted in blue,…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in various colors. The "A" in "Black" is a Black Power Fist.

Smith and Travis Brooks, an organizer from My Brother's Keeper, discussed the idea of the mural before approaching Jay Stooks, a program…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the pavement.

The mural was sponsored by the Union County Freeholder Board.

"Defund The Wall Fund Our Future" is painted on the pavement in yellow.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 202909.png
"More Justice More Peace" is painted on the pavement in various colors.

The mural was organized by Charity Williams, a bronze medal Olympian and member of the national rugby 7s team. Each letter was sponsored by a local business and a grant from…
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