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"Arrest All 4" in blue, green, and yellow graffiti on wood boards.

Long bubble letters reading "ARREST" in blue, "ALL" in green, and "4" in yellow. Purple and pink splatter background.

Blue block letters "ARREST ALL 4."

Annotation 2020-08-25 113303.jpg
Black spray-painted messages on plywood. Reads "Arrest all 4 swine, now", "you will lose your souls, we will win their hearts", and "FUCK 12."

Paper signs in window reading "End The Police State" on top, and "Black Lives Matter" on the bottom. In smaller text is "MPD150," "," "Arrest All Four," and "Visit:"

"Say His Name," "Justice for Floyd," and "Save Our City" are spray painted in black and pink on the plywood boards of the Bank of America storefront. An "Arrest All Four" cardboard sign is adhered to the plywood.
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