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1111 Nicollet Ave (Orchestra Hall), 4.jpg
Graffiti reading "Amir Locke" on the external facade of Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

90 S 11th St (WCCO)jpg.jpg
Graffiti on the WCCO building in downtown Minneapolis reading "Amir Locke"

Graffiti on campus buildings at Loyola University, Chicago. Graffiti reads "___ Amir Locke" The photograph shows a worker removing the graffiti.

Graffiti on campus buildings at Loyola University, Chicago reading "Amir Locke" and "RIP Amir Locke"

Graffiti on a campus building at Loyola University, Chicago reading "RIP Amir Locke" and "Amir Locke Was Murdered"

Graffiti reading "Amir Locke Was Killed Fuck MPD" on the sign for Folwell Hall, University of Minnesota

Graffiti on a park information board in red spray paint reading "Justice for Amir." On the other side, graffiti reads "Shoot Back."

Portrait of Amir Locke hanging outside of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

Graffiti painted on the glass shop window reading "RIP Amir."

IMG_4413 (1).jpeg
Red graffiti that reads "Shoot back" on a park information board. Graffiti on the other side reads "Justice for Amir"
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