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This piece is blue spray paint on a black wall reading "No Prisons Ever."

Three flyers for two events stapled on plywood boards in George Floyd Square

The top and right flyers read:

April 9: Global Abolition Event
Join us in celebrating the diverse history of liberation!
Art Walk! Open Mic! Bring Chalk!
3pm -…

Graffiti sprayed on cement barricades outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Messages include: "Abolition Now," Fuck Killer KKKops," and "Death to Amerik[^3]a".

Note: the [^3] refers to the mathematical symbol meaning 'to the power of 3'…

Various graffiti and messages on plywood boards (painted black) outside U.S. Bank Plaza. They read "Prayers for: (add your own)," "All love," "Life," "God loves babies!" "Justice for Duante Wright"(sic), "You get your justice in your ass, Derek!…

Graffiti on a crosswalk reading "Abolish Genocide" and "Fuck 12". Faded "Fuck 12" graffiti can be seen faintly in the white bars of the crosswalk.
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