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This piece is blue spray paint on a black wall reading "No Prisons Ever."

Various graffiti and messages on plywood boards (painted black) outside U.S. Bank Plaza. They read "Prayers for: (add your own)," "All love," "Life," "God loves babies!" "Justice for Duante Wright"(sic), "You get your justice in your ass, Derek!…

Graffiti on a crosswalk reading "Abolish Genocide" and "Fuck 12". Faded "Fuck 12" graffiti can be seen faintly in the white bars of the crosswalk.

Graffiti sprayed on cement barricades outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Messages include: "Abolition Now," Fuck Killer KKKops," and "Death to Amerik[^3]a".

Note: the [^3] refers to the mathematical symbol meaning 'to the power of 3'…

Three flyers for two events stapled on plywood boards in George Floyd Square

The top and right flyers read:

April 9: Global Abolition Event
Join us in celebrating the diverse history of liberation!
Art Walk! Open Mic! Bring Chalk!
3pm -…
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