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Convict Chauvin.jpeg
A blue tarpaulin banner with white lettered text reading, "CONVICT CHAUVIN." The tarp has been attached to the street side of a privacy fence of a residential property. The tarp is attached using string and bungee cords. It is unclear from the image…

A handmade sign on a post on Lyndale Avenue South and 23rd-24th. The sign reads "The 10 Cs of art and social change. Community. Collaboration. Compassion. Courage. Creativity. Citizenship. Common Purpose. Critique. Celebration. Commitment." This is…

Large ACAB graffiti on a bus shelter, Lowry Hill, Minneapolis

"Riots work" graffiti spray painted on a Sidewalk Closed sign.

Bright orange graffiti reading "Kill Cops"

A stencil painted in blue on a trash bin. It reads "Jacob Stop Killing Native People"
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