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Graffiti in black spray paint reading "My Cries Are For Humanity," next to a stencil reading "We want peace/We want love/We want justice/We want equality"

A large sign installed at the Speedway directly across from the site where George Floyd was murdered. Text reads: "As the city meets our demands for justice, the barricades can be removed If action is not taken to meet our demands for justice members…

Various photographs of George Floyd Memorial site, including panel by Peyton Scott Russell with wooden planters and the large fist sculpture at the roundabout.

A stencil painted on the wall of Cup Foods reading "Change is Coming" in black, block letters.

A "Road Closed" sign on a barricade has been augmented to emphasize "Road Closed Forever" with teal spray paint.

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A sign attached to a barricade near the intersection of 38th and Chicago, reading "You Are Now Entering the Free State of George Floyd."

A 30-ft mural depicting George Floyd through swirling colors, with his spirit floating away on the right-hand side.

In the artists' words, "I really wanted to have kind of the start of it, so people had an example to go off of...On the portrait I…

Formerly known as Columbus Ave, the street sign has been reformed to read Little Crow. The caretakers of the square have unofficially officially changed the name of the street to more accurately represent its people.

This image is of the George Floyd mural that is painted on the corner of Cup foods. It has been defaced twice. This is from the second defacing that happened the first weekend of October. Scrawled across the mural in red spray paint are the words:…

A stop sign with black spray paint writing. There is an arrow leading from the word STOP to the words "killing black people." Altogether the sign reads: STOP killing black people.
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