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A monumental image of a Black woman with white hair--a work in progress at the time of documentation.

Detailed black and white portrait of Sitting Bull wearing a headdress. He is outlined in an orange glow. Quote in yellow script, "''Let us put our minds Together and see what life we can make for our children." Sitting Bull." A bald eagle surrounded…

This is a painting on plywood on a store front. The image is a single black line which depicts an unknown symbol (this may be a symbol significant in Hmong culture), a raised fist, and the outline of the state of Minnesota. "#Black Lives Matter" is…

Graffiti including "Rest in Power," "Yellow Peril 4 Black Power," "Natives Stand with BLM," and "This 2 Shall Pass" on the plywood boards on storefronts and the sidewalks of Chicago Ave.

Graffiti on the plywood boards on storefronts and the sidewalks of Chicago Ave. There is a garden in the foreground with a sign that says "George Lives Here."

Graffiti on plywood including "George," in gold and outlined in blue on a pink background and "BLM" in gold outlined in blue on a black background.

Graffiti including "Say His Name George Floyd" in dark blue on a light blue and purple background and "Natives Stand with BLM" in red.

"George Floyd" spray-painted in white cursive on a black and purple background. "Now Open For Appointments Call 612-377-3010" in white, red, and pink spray-paint. "5-25-2020" in white. "Black Lives Matter" in white with a blue and pink border.

Five squares, each with a symbol or message. Pink square with black "BLM," white square with names of Black people killed by police and red "Say Their Names," black square with BLM fist in trans flag colors (blue, pink, and white.) Green square with…
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