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"#BLM" is spray painted on a sidewalk in orange.

A plywood mural on display at the Springboard for the Arts building in Saint Paul Minnesota. This mural is covering a window. It is an unpainted piece of plywood. "BLM" in black letters with black accent lines radiating from "BLM"

A homemade "Black Lives Matter" sign on display in someone's front yard in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The sign is made out of a pallet. "Black Lives Matter" is written in black ink, and the pallet is propped up against a tree in the front yard. A…

A Black father and daughter are holding the American Flag, while the little girl sits on her father's shoulders. The little girl holds a sign high in the air that says "Is my daddy next?"

A lego figure with an afro wears a t-shirt with black text in all caps saying, "BLACK LIVES MATTER".

A blue lego figure with a cat-like head holds a sign saying, "ABOLISH POLICE BRUTALITY". The lego figure stands next to a Thomas the Train being driven by a Black conductor. Coming from the smoke stack, a cloud says, "BLM".

This work captures the power of the Black Lives Matter movement. A Black woman with her first raised in the air is surrounded by the faces of other individuals. Text reads Black Lives Matter. This is painted on a wall in downtown Portland.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 7.56.49 AM.png
A Black child with big, expressive eyes wears a large crown, looking straight at the viewer. Next to the child are the words,"Protect Our Children." The words are painted in white.

Turquoise text reading "Persévérante" on a background of black, the word forming the shape of the Black Power Fist. Surrounding the fist are red and orange flames, with the text "ACAB" in the flames on the left side of the fist. In the center of the…

Graffiti on a post reading "BLM" and "Amplify Black Voices" with a heart.
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