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Mural with Breonna Taylor in the center. Angel wings emerge from either side of her and "SAY HER NAME" is in white at her chest. Blue "BREONNA TAYLOR" frames the top and bottom of the work.

The background is filled in with "No Justice No Peace."

Portrait of Breonna Taylor wearing a crown. To her left and right is "No Justice" and "No Peace" in blue letters. "Rest Easy...Breonna Taylor 3/13/20" in white.

Breonna Taylor Rest in Power stencil on plywood board.

A mural on plywood painted with a periwinkle blue background. The focal point is the text at the top of the work that reads in bold, fully capitalized lettering: "Breonna Was Sleeping Now She Rest In Peace". Breonna Taylor was an EMT and aspiring…

Images of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, documented one week after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by BCPD officer, Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. The police station is surrounded by chain link fence and razor…

Pastel-colored bubble lettering on plywood. Each person named was murdered. Names include: Big Floyd, Big Hawk, Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Big L, Biggie, and Tupac.

Chad R.jpg
"Chad Robertson" is written on a sidewalk in George Floyd Square with black and yellow paint. Chad Robertson, father of 2, was killed by police in 2017. The police officer was later found not guilty of murder.

White panel with "Columbus Remembers" in black cursive above the names of victims of police brutality. These names include: Julius Tate Jr., TasJon Osbourne, Bee Ty're King, Abdiraman Salad, Henry Green, Kareem All Nedir, Keith Burke, Tracy Travis,…

Two painted panels. The first has a blue background with red flowers at the base. A blue portrait of a boy with his eyes closed, and a tear coming down his cheek is in the center. The Basquiat crown hangs above his head, and "Justice" is written in…

A spontaneous memorial in New York City's Washington Square Park consisting of fresh flowers, candles, images of Daunte wright, Breonna Taylor, and a sing reading Justice 4 Daunte Wright! Justice 4 Adam Toledo!
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