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This mural on plywood depicts Elijah McClain, a victim of police brutality who is honored by way of street art in downtown Portland.

Blue letters with white highlights reading "Breonna Taylor." The Ns are painted in bold. The background is orange and purple. "RIP" in smaller black text at the lower corner.

Mural with portraits of Black people killed by police. The background has chalk messages and colorful fractal shapes.

Those depicted in this documentation of the mural include: George Floyd, Kendra James, Jason Washington, Deontae J. Keller, Tony…

Two works. To the left is a painted panel with the names of Black people killed by police in red. White outline figure holding up a sign reading "Say Their Names."

To the right is a portrait of George Floyd with oranges and green leaves framing…

377 University.jpg
Mural of a blue sky with "#JusticeforFloyd Nina Pop Tony McDade Monika Diamon Breonna Taylor Ahmaud Arbery" on a yellow shape with the Trans Live Black Power fist and a plain Black Power fist in the center.

A portrait of George Floyd is to the…

Enter GF Square.jpg
39th and Chicago Ave Entrance to George Floyd Square includes several teal painted road blocks. These read "Know Justice" and "Justice for Dolal" who was killed by police December 30th, 2020.

Portrait of Aiyana Jones with a red, yellow, and green striped border. "July 20, 2002 - May 16, 2010. She was just a baby." is along the side. Flowers frame the top and the bottom. "BLM" is in yellow block letters to the left.

say her name.jpg
Plywood over two windows, painted a light pink. The left panel has the words "BLACK GIRLS DESERVE BETTER" in black bold lettering. Interspersed with the lettering are red flowers and green leaves. At the bottom, the artist's handle "GAIA.XYZ" is in…

A mural plastered on the side of a building on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. depicting figures holding BLM signs. The figures are shown in silhouette, and their bodies are adorned with the names of other Black individuals who were…

On plywood painted gray, the words "Black Lives Matter" sit on a banner painted in the center of the mural. The three people carrying the banner are just pairs of legs, their torsos and heads obscured by the banner. The names of victims of police…
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