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A stencil portrait of George Floyd on the pavement near the site where he was murdered.

Various photographs of George Floyd Memorial site, including panel by Peyton Scott Russell with wooden planters and the large fist sculpture at the roundabout.

A 30-ft mural depicting George Floyd through swirling colors, with his spirit floating away on the right-hand side.

In the artists' words, "I really wanted to have kind of the start of it, so people had an example to go off of...On the portrait I…

This image is of the George Floyd mural that is painted on the corner of Cup foods. It has been defaced twice. This is from the second defacing that happened the first weekend of October. Scrawled across the mural in red spray paint are the words:…

A mural on the exterior of Anh's Hairstylists. The mural has a black background. It reads: "Justice for [G] Fight AGAINST the Law of Oppression and Yearn 4 Action against Dehumanization" Most of the letters are in bright yellow to pop against the…

Justice for Floyd on plywood wall in Santa Monica, CA

Outlined portrait of George Floyd made of moss on poster board. "Justice For All" is written in block letters.

Black stencil of George Floyd with "I Can't Breathe."

A George Floyd memorial piece by KARS amidst other recent graffiti found on a freight line beneath Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

A piece of graffiti reads "FUCK 12" to the left of a mural with three identical portraits of George Floyd in white, red, and green, respectively.

The first has a halo above and "life.." in cursive below.

The second has an exclamation mark…
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