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  • Collection: Political Statements and Structural Critique

Cluster of tags: "ACAB FUCK THE POLICE" in white and brown on the building, "BLM Justice for George rest in power" in green, and "ACAB" in green on plywood.

Two panels: first has "Crying Bout they Target We BEEN Targets" over buffs. The second has "Your white tears will find no comfort here." Pink paper posters with a Black woman on them underneath the text.

Blue bubble letters reading "Defund Police!" The dot in the exclamation mark is a heart. The background in yellow with orange accents.

"Defund the Police" in yellow and black paint on the street.

Sally Pemberton - West River at S 13th Ave July 14.jpg
"Fuck 12" on a Road Closed Ahead sign.

Graffiti on a New York public kiosk map. Includes "FTP," "Fuck NYPD," and "No More Pigs." Stickers include "Karen Sucks," "We Need Your Story," and "Defund The Police."

These were part of a month-long protest encampment at New York City's City…

Two panels: One with "How Are You Unlearning White Supremacy?" in black and the other reading "Fuck 12" and "Make Change" in green.

Sally Pemberton - Lake of the Isles July 21.jpg
White tag "I Can't Breathe" and a pig character with a police hat. "All Cop Are Pigs" in black.

"Abolish," "NYPD SMD Period," "No More Cops," and "Te Amo Kat," spray-painted on the Tweed Courthouse.

These were part of a month-long protest encampment at New York City's City Hall Park Area, organized by Vocal New York. The protesters lived and…

A wash of white paint covers the majority of a plywood plank. A figure with green skin and short hair that blends with its facial stubble serves as the focal point of the mural. The figure is a cyclops, with a large, single eye with a blue iris, long…
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