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  • Collection: Political Statements and Structural Critique

This mural shows five large notebook pages, with handstyle writing on them. They read "A Letter From The People...
"Fist And Foremost, Rest In Peace George Floyd And All Other Souls That Have Died Unjustly Under The Hands Of THe Government. It Is A…

Sticker of blue Minneapolis police badge with KKK hood in center

A Black soldier sits in the center of this mural behind a grey wash, his gaze penetrating the viewer. He wears a camo helmet with text saying, “war is hell.” The mural is split into two different times, 1970 (on the left) and 2020 (on the right). Red…

ACAB/Fuck 12 tags on rear of Cup Foods (ally access). White pig(?) face with black outline and lettering and bright pink lettering over top of other tags

A stencil and spray paint image of a woman taking a selfie while holding an "I support you" sign while standing in a field of flames. Painted on plywood affixed to a mattress store, it was painted over later that day.

Set against an abstract green background, Jadon Sancho, British/Trinidadian pro soccer player, is dressed in a yellow soccer kit with a jersey reading "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD."

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.40.17 PM.png
Black man with rings on fists that say "Love MPLS". The right side says # JusticeforGeorgeFloyd. The headline near his head says "do the right thing".

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 6.00.19 PM.png
A blue-green phoenix rising to the sun. Inside the sun is an Octavia Butler quote " In order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix must first burn. The bird is surrounded by flames and pink flowers.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 6.00.00 PM.png
Series of black panels with white text.
1. Could we give the police department to the grandmothers?
2.Grandma wants your life to be sweeter. She is the original warrior. and loves you fiercely forever. Give the police department to the…

"Defund the Police" in yellow and black paint on the street.
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