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  • Collection: Political Statements and Structural Critique

A large sticker or poster. Text and images are combined in this three part composition. At the top it reads "Lost the war" with an image of the Confederate flag, next it says "Lost the war" with an image of the Nazi flag. The lower panel says…

A Confederate flag sticker with the words "These Fuckers Lost" superimposed.

A black sticker with white lettering and read details. The text reads 'Running Fascists Out of Town: A Minneapolis Tradition Since 1939" with a red baseball bat and red outline.

Amnesty for protestors_12.12.20 copy.jpg
A red sticker with white block letters reading "DROP ALL CHARGES FOR EVERY PROTESTER!" This is accompanied by handcuffs and the words "#amnestyforall" in black.

Amerikka dreamt_6.24.20.jpg
Text painted on four plywood panels covering a storefront window. In blue spray paint, the text reads "Amerikkka dreamt me caged and she smiles fast asleep, so Amerikkka ['s] worst nightmare's all I ever hoped to be. 06/19/20" Note: the ['s] is…

Painted on plywood in downtown Raleigh, NC reading: "BLM. The system is backwards. Rebuild the world for the meek." Additional text reads IG Extendo 64

IMG_4617 (2).JPG
Graffiti on a gas pump reads "Peoples' Way," "Fuck 12," "Free Gas," and "Abolish MPD." This was previously a Speedway gas station which has been claimed by the community at George Floyd Square. The spray paint used is white, green, red, and gray.

A single board of plywood is painted and placed vertically against a wooden fence. The board is divided into three sections by green paint. The first section reads "2014 I Can't Breathe, 2020 I Can't Breathe" in green and maroon paint. The second…

A photo taken on East Side Saint Paul neighborhood on Maryland Avenue. A grey metal electrical box on the intersection has "ACAB" in black paint.

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.40.31 PM.png
The outline of a police officer is surrounded by a red no symbol. Above and below the image are the words, in all caps, "DEFUND NYPD".
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