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  • Collection: Political Statements and Structural Critique

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Images of the While Black Project mural in progress

This is located in Uptown Minneapolis and was painted on the exterior wall of a former Apple store.

An excerpt from Urban Art Mapping's interview with Cadex Herrera on May 12, 2022:


TOXIC LOSER --- Dimestore Mussolini?

On the temporary chain metal fence surrounding Lafayette Park in front of the White House in Washington, DC. November 20th, two weeks from the Saturday Joe Biden was declared winner of the 2020 election.

"Fuck Trump" is spray-painted in black on a building sign.

"Fuck Trump" and "ACAB" are spray-painted in red on the Veterans Administration building.

"Fuck Donald Trump" is spray-painted in blue on the side of a graffiti wall. Other graffiti reads "ACAB," "Fuck 12," and "No Justice No Peace."

A political message is written in the street in yellow, blue, and green paint. The message reads "Mayor Bowser Is Proposing A Budget Which Would Fund A New Jail, Give $20 More To Cops, Cut Most Social Programs. Email Judiciary@DCCouncil. US By June…

"Donald I Forgive You 4 U Not Know What Do You" is written on the street.

"Help Stop Trump" is written in paint on the street.

White paper plates secured to a metal fence have "Baby Gate Bunker" written on them in colorful letters. Some of the plates have stuffed animals stuck to them.

A cardboard sign depicts Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind jail bars. Next to the image is an orange sticker that reads "Trump/Pence Out Now." Underneath, "Vote Him Out" is written in marker.
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