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blue line fire.jpg
Large piece on plywood panels covering the base of a skyscraper. A stylized recreation of the blue lives matter flag (which usually represented support for the police), but instead of stars there are skulls and the thin blue line is going up in…

Sticker reading:
Community Watch Area
Trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community, protect your friends and neighbors from uniformed gang members and other suspicious characters.
Police Not…

A white, round sticker with a black picture of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s mugshot. A box with an X through it and the words “Bad Cop” are written to the left of the portrait.
On May 25, 2020, Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander…

The acronym ACAB “All Cops Are Bastards” with an angry face next to it written on the back of a street sign. It is possibly written in a white paint marker.

The sign is a no parking sign showing a capital letter “P” with a red circle with a diagonal dash through it. Affixed over the “P” of the sign is a clear plaque with a monotone image of the bust of former Minneapolis police lieutenant Bob Kroll. On…

Graffiti reading “Fuck 12” possibly in sharpie on an crosswalk button pole. The phrase “Fuck 12” is another way of saying “fuck the police”. The “12” is slang for police. The origin of the phrase varies from coming from the Black community in…

Sticker reading “All cops are bastards” with the text wrapped around the head of a pig wearing a police cap. The sticker is on the back of a street sign. The sticker references two common phrases; All Cops Are Bastards is commonly shortened to ACAB…

An oval sticker on a rounded bike rack with black bubble letters “BLM”. The spaces in the letter B and between the legs of the M create hearts. Another small black heart is between the L and the M. The sticker may reference the need to protect…

The acronym ACAB “All Cops Are Bastards” spelled out with donuts on a teal background. The donuts refer to the popular stereotype that all cops eat donuts.

The acronym ACAB “All Cops Are Bastards” written on the side of an electrical box. An attempt has been made to cover it up but the original letters have either shown through or the paint used to cover it up has been scrubbed away to reveal the…
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