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This mural was photographed on 2 June 2020 – eight days after the murder of George Floyd – on the western side of Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland. This wall previously had anti-racist graffiti in opposition to the treatment of refugees by the…

Two anti-cop stickers are placed on the back of a yield sign at the foot of the Loring Greenway bridge. "Derek Chauvin is a murderer" and "guilty or not guilty abolish" both express their point in capital letters and are pertinent to the (currently)…

"FTP ACAB" and "George FLoyd" are written in black spray paint on the Loring Greenway bike bridge above a throw-up. Each set of text apprears to be painted by different artists. All of the lettering follows the lines of the walls of the bridge.

“All Cops are Bastards” uses a 90s internet aesthetic in a purple color scheme.

“ACAB” sticker on a bus shelter. By using metallic materials and bright green, the sticker stands out with the acronym for “all cops are bastards.” White lines above and below frame the letters.

“Blue Lives Murder” sticker is placed on a bike lock stand along the sidewalk. This is just one of many stickers laying claim here, but this sticker is an outlier in the collage in that it shares an anti-cop message. Saying “blue lives murder” is a…

“Nachos Not Nazis Behind the Bastards” sticker features a stylized dish of nachos complete with chips, cheese, tomato, jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream in a limited color palette of green, yellow, white, and red. By asking for nachos instead of Nazis…

“ACAB” is written on a raised wooden planter along the sidewalk. Above “ACAB” is a halo and below is an elongated curving underline; these additions add angelic and triangular qualities to the composition. The orange-peach color writing is highly…

“State Sanctioned Terrorist” sticker features the head of a white man wearing an outdated and ubiquitous police hat. Combining the statement about domestic terrorism and violence with a police officer makes the connection about harm caused at the…

Madison Museum of contemporary art.jpg
This work includes are cartoon depiction of a uniformed Minneapolis police officer carrying a baton, he is wearing a helmet that says “M.P.D.” and sunglasses that reflect a fire. The character stands over a fire and in the smoke above the fire the…
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