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"BLUE LIVES MURDER, JUSTICEFORJARED.ORG" is written on a brown wheatpasting on a wall of a building. The text is written in blue, red, and black. Surrounding the wheat pasting is other writing such as "no backstairs" in light blue.

"FTP LOCAL" written in spray paint on the side of an apartment building in downtown Reykjavík.

BLM_ Plaza-7.jpg
"Demilitarize the Police" is painted on a piece of cardboard in white. Across the cardboard is black stripes.

Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette Park and the White House in…

"Fuck 12" and "Fuck Police" are written in chalk on the sidewalk.

"AmeriKKKa Fuck 1312" is spray-painted in black in front of the public bathroom in Lafayette Park. 1312 has been a tag associated with opposing police brutality.

"Fuck All Cops" is spray-painted in orange inside of the Laborers' Union of North America building.

"Fuck 12" is spray-painted in black on a white poll.

A paper sign on a bus stop sign reads "A Man Was Lynched By The Police What Are You Doing About It?" Underneath, it says "Text 'Floyd' to 55156 Use Your Privilege For Good."

A paper sign taped to a bus stop pole reads "Killer Cops Will Not Go Free."

A red pig is spray-painted next to a building.
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