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"Rebuild Black Wall Street" has been painted in red near the door of a business in George Floyd Square.

Justice for George knit banner (approx 2.5ft x 7ft) seen at candlelight vigil at George Floyd Memorial Plaza (E 38th St and Chicago Ave). Created by 9 knitters from 7 metro area cities in support for BLM and Justice for George Floyd.

In large red and green lettering the words "Justice for Daunte Wright" have been written in the street next to the memorial for George Floyd outside of the Cup Foods at 38th and Chicago - George Floyd Square - in Minneapolis. Flowers and candles in…

Picture of the Peoples' Way (former Speedway Gas Station) at George Floyd Square showing the variety of street art and graffiti present at the site. The lettering on the sign shows the then-current day of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Bubble letters in green, purple, light blue, and blue chalk reading "Know Justice" and below that "No Street."

This is a particularly meaningful phrase at George Floyd Square, where many residents have offered resistance to the city's plan to…

Graffiti and flyers on a bus stop at George Floyd Square. Weathered newspaper headlines that were pasted are on the right and BLM in black letters is covering older graffiti in white and red. A sticker can be seen as well. Finally, a poster reading…

"Black Lives Matter" and "Antifa" written on pavement, partially obscured by a vehical. An arrow is visible as well but it is unknown what it is pointing to.

Demands 17 through 24 at George Floyd Square.

Orange, red, and yellow cursive chalk words "black lives matter" by @chalkituptolife

The second photo provides a good idea for the scale of the piece.

The question "But what will you do when you leave here?" written in yellow chalk with an underline under "do."
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